Sorry, nothing for sale at this time - please check later.


We frequently have babies through adults available for adoption, though I don't often have enough time to update my website. Please contact me if you are looking for anything in particular, or I can let you know what I have available for purchase.


A 50%, nonrefundable deposit is required to hold or purchase a chinchilla to be held, picked up or delivered. In certain instances, a refund will be issued if the chinchilla is unable to be delivered by me or it may be applied to a chinchilla purchased in the future. Failure to pick up the chinchilla at the agreed upon time, especially with no notification by the buyer, will result in the chinchilla being placed back up for sale and the deposit will be forfeit.

I do have a first option buy-back policy. If for any reason you can no longer care for and keep a chinchilla you have received from Prairie Chinchillas, you are required to contact us first to see if we wish to buy back the chinchilla in question, or to see if we can help you place it in another home. We realize that sometimes life circumstances can change, and want you to know that your chinchilla always has a place here.

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