Hello and welcome to Prairie Chinchillas! We currently breed for standards and all mutations except sapphires. Due to unforeseen life changes, I was forced to sell my herd to my mother, Margaret Kishbaugh. I now manage the herd for her in my home so I still get to visit with all the chinnies! We hope to provide accurate information on chin care for you on this site, as well as care for my other favorite rodent, fancy rats. We would like you to see them for the wonderful pets they can be and hopefully make them a welcome addition to your home. We will also be showing pictures and possibly telling short stories of all our other various pets, just so we can share them with you, because they are such a huge part of our family. We often have chinchillas available, both pet and breeding quality, and will be updating the sales page soon. So bear with us! Thank you for stopping by!

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